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Since the age of eleven when Ryan received his first four-track recorder, he's been hooked on recording and sound. Striving to create fantastic music is his life's ambition and one he's been achieving over the last four years. Specialising in Sound Engineering Ryan is also a Musician himself. An accomplished Guitar player as well as dabbling in Bass, Piano, and Vocals.


Since releasing his debut production in 2016 "Orange and Blue" by Bethia. Ryan has gone on to work on many projects of different varieties since turning professional. Having followed a creative path his whole life Ryan holds A-Levels in both Music Technology and Music, as well as obtaining a first-class honours degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering from The Academy of Contemporary Music. However, it is through hours of self-guided learning and experimentation that Ryan developed the skills necessary to take his first steps into the industry. Outside of education, he has gained experience as a sound engineer working at multiple recording studios in the UK as well as work experience at Metropolis Studios in London. 

Next, Ryan worked as an in-house Sound Engineer at Big Smoke Studios in North Wembley, London. From 2018-2020. Since 2020, Ryan has been working from his own production space, The Himley Green.


Ryan is adept with either Pro Tools, Logic Pro X or Ableton Live and is experienced in other industry standard software from companies such as Universal Audio, Steinberg, Celemony, Softube, Plugin Alliance, Izotope, Slate Digital, Fab Filter and Waves.


A fun, easy-going and determined individual Ryan has the ability to transform any project he is involved with. All with the same ambition to make incredible music.








To The Westway (Demo)Griff

Original Tracks

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