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As a Studio and Live Sound Engineer Ryan has gained experience and skills in multiple venues and studios. Ryan worked as an in-house engineer at Big Smoke Studios in North Wembley, London from 2018-2020. Moving to his own Production space in 2020.

Whether as an Assistant or Head Engineer, a keen ear for quality and a level head during busy sessions are key elements you can expect day in and day out.


In a studio environment attention to Detail, Acoustics, and Microphone technique allow Ryan to capture the perfect performance and tailor a bespoke setup based on discussions with the client or Producer and reference material.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan for the past several months on my new album "The Year That Never Happened", and I can not highly recommend him enough. 

Ryan puts his heart and soul into every project he is a part of - I have never felt more comfortable trusting someone with my work. He is meticulous with detail, professional, and is well versed in how to run an efficient and productive session.

He has a great ability to listen to what you are asking for/ envisioning, and then translating that into something that can be set it into motion, without overstepping artistic boundaries or losing sight of the final product.

He is invested from the moment the project begins, to long after it is completed. He genuinely cares about the well-being of you and your music. 

Would 250% recommend him to anyone looking for a producer, engineer or mixing artist. Will 250% be working with him again"

Joey Clarkson


Gaining experience at the Trestle theatre in St Albans and recently the Union Chapel in London. As a Live Sound Engineer Ryan has the ability to quickly adapt to situations whilst being approachable and putting artists at ease allowing them to focus on their performance.


Use the contact form below to book Ryan as your Sound Engineer.

Sort Yourself OutJoey Clarkson
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